5 Reasons to Purchase No Medical Exam Life Insurance

images4If you still have second thoughts, check these 5 reasons to purchase no medical exam life insurance:

1)     It is the fastest way to obtain coverage. We live in a world where time is constantly pressing us and forces us to be active and offer quick-responses. For the majority of us, time is not a luxury.  Wasting several weeks for formalities, negotiations, medical exams and ulterior analysis of results is clearly not a good solution. In contrast, no medical exam life insurance is obtained in just several hours.

2)     Underwriting is simple and without stress.  No exam life insurance provides the simplest way to get coverage. All you have to do is to send application papers and answer to several medical questions. Some companies do not even put those medical questions and you are accepted only if you prove that premiums will be paid.  Each insurance company has its standard procedures, but do not worry, they are very simple.

3)     It provides protection for almost all people.  Senior citizens and people with a pre-existing medical condition are excluded from getting life insurance. This is true only for companies that sell standard policies. With no exam life insurance, things chance. They are more tolerant with these categories.  However, people declared terminally ill, over 85 years old or with certain diseases are not selected for coverage.

4)     Policies can be customized for your needs.  You will get the same high degree of customization as other policies. Meaning, you will be able to select the amount of coverage and the length of the policy. However, there are some limits and those limits become stricter if you are very ill or old.

5)     Reasonable prices. The number of insurance companies selling this type of insurance is constantly increasing and that makes the competition tougher.  In order to attract clients, most of the companies lower their prices.

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